ddp offers new copyright tracking service for authors

Since 1 May 2020, the ddp group has been offering rights tracking in the online sector not only for authors of the agency group but also as a service for third parties.

The media accounting team in Hamburg coordinates the approach of potential rights infringers and any necessary queries to authors. For the technical part, there is a cooperation with various tracking service providers.
The aim is to turn an infringer into a client by informing him about the applicable copyright law and its significance for authors and media.

The ddp group is committed to respecting intellectual property and supports the „Copyright Lives“ initiative of the BVPA (Federal Association of Professional Image Providers).

The ddp team is experienced in the image industry. It ensures with a sense of proportion that even difficult cases are solved in the interests of all parties involved. Should this not succeed, it will be decided individually which further steps are to be taken with the help of a lawyer. Cooperation with various partners is in place.

Anyone interested in this new service should contact us:

Nadine Grimm
media accounting services
Tel.: +49 40 73 44 60 261
E-Mail: infringements@ddpimages.com

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