Die ddp-Gruppe erweitert ihr Leistungsspektrum und gründet die PR Agentur Insight Publishing GmbH

The ddp group expands its range of service and founds the PR agency Insight Publishing

With the spin-off Insight Publishing GmbH, the ddp group is expanding its competence in the PR sector. The new website has just been launched at www.insight-publishing.com

As a boutique agency, Insight Publishing focuses on individual and specialized consulting in the areas of public relations, advertorials, influencers, and publishing. Special attention to the visual effect and implementation offers an extraordinary added value to the customer. With a clear focus on selected services, communication measures are supplemented and target groups are reached precisely.

The first projects include clients from the automotive sector as well as the fitness and health segment.

„This is our response to our corporate clients‘ demand for additional consulting and in-depth support in the context of PR photography projects,“ says Managing Director Ulf Schmidt-Funke. „Insight Publishing offers highly individualized PR services to supplement and support other communication measures.”

With „Shots Magazin“ at www.shots.media, Insight Publishing GmbH also publishes its own online lifestyle-magazine dedicated to styles, trends, and people. Originally launched as a blog, „Shots“ now reaches page impressions in the six-figure range and is updated weekly with around 30 new content units.

The services of Insight Publishing GmbH at a glance:

– Public Relations
– Advertorials
– Influencer
– Publishing

Further information can be found at www.insight-publishing.com.

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