PicturePress Renews Syndication Agreement with “Essen & Trinken” and “Living at Home”

The picture agency PicturePress and the publishing group Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur (DMM) have renewed their cooperation in the area of syndication. Thanks to this agreement, PicturePress customers can continue to access high-quality visual content from DMM’s publications, including the renowned magazines “Essen & Trinken” and “Living at Home.”

PicturePress, a brand of ddp media GmbH (Hamburg), already holds material from these magazines as part of its longstanding collaboration with the publishing house Gruner + Jahr (G+J). As of June 30, 2023, Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster has taken over all shares of DMM.

The content marketed by PicturePress from DMM includes premium food and interior design photography, as well as recipes and guides. PicturePress holds the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to this archive.

In addition to G+J and DMM, PicturePress’ cooperation partners include publishers such as NewsUK (“The Times”, “The Sun”), Mondadori, and Eyevine (“The Guardian”).

Moreover, PicturePress has recently added productions from the South African agency Magazine Features to its portfolio, offering an extensive collection of food content from the leading South African publisher Media24. PicturePress has secured exclusive rights to this material in Germany and several international markets.

Photo: PicturePress

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