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laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen, founded more than 30 years ago and based in Cologne, is one of the leading photo agencies for photojournalism, magazine and travel photography. Around 400 freelance national and international photographers make their commissioned and independent works available for sale by laif. These visual resources are supplemented by collaboration with 42 international agencies and publishing syndications represented exclusively by laif in Germany.

laif offers individual photos and complete features to clients around the world, including editors of daily papers and weekly and monthly magazines (print and online), publishers of books and calendars, companies, associations as well as corporate clients and advertising agencies both nationally and internationally.

Our agency provides a wide range of photographic material on topics as diverse as travel, national and international politics, business, portrait, science, medicine, beauty & fashion, mood, sports & wellness, nature and lifestyle, among others. We are also continually expanding the range of material we have in the field of creative photography. An additional service provided by laif is the organization and coordination of photographers for editorial and advertising/corporate assignments thanks to our extensive global network.
laif warmly invites you to take a trip through our creative resources and discover all that we have to offer.