FoodCentrale launches online service with cooking recipes in German and English

FoodCentrale by ddp images now provides ready-to-publish cooking recipes for web portals and apps. The new online service is offered in German and English and contains illustrated texts with a wide range of food offerings and the usual image quality of ddp, one of the leading providers of visual content on the German market.

FoodCentrale’s illustrated recipes are delivered as a structured multimedia feed and can thus be published automatically on online media. This saves time and editorial resources on the customer side. The online recipes have already been available for a few days in the MSN portals and apps for Germany and the USA and are thus available to a global audience.

The new online services are available in different technical formats and can be easily integrated into the own CMS, among others via API as well as plugins for WordPress and Rebelmouse.

For the production and distribution of the online services, ddp relies on the CMS and distribution platform of the US company Nordot.

In addition, ddp is currently developing further ready-to-publish services with curated galleries and photo spreads in German under the product name ddp visual stories, which are already in trial production and will be presented soon. The main topics include celebrities, fashion, film, animals, travel and features.

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