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For over 20 years, we have been one of the leading partners in the visual content business for both international publishing houses and media companies. Benefit from our expertise and experience – after all, your company is also a communications company. We are not an IT or software consultant – we are experts for visual content. We know what counts when it comes to managing and publishing media. We know the market and the different IT system providers. We recommend tailored solutions that accommodate your specific needs and help you to effectively manage and deploy your media.


Concept Consulting incl. Provider and System Overview

We offer you a 100% neutral initial consultation. After all, the services we provide are independent from the software or IT infrastructure in use or the service providers supplying the visual content.

If the initial free-of-charge consultation determines a need for further cooperation, then we offer you the following service modules:


•    Assistance setting up a MAM system and training in-house employees
•    Outsourcing of individual editorial and documentation work
•    Media research (selection of sources in coordination with the customer)
•    Creation of a clearly structured, uncomplicated licensing matrix
•    Media procurement and price negotiations
•    Legal declaration
•    Outsourcing of all media asset management activities


Even businesses that do not represent media companies in the classic sense can take advantage of essential services relating to editorial management, licensing and the sale of media. Benefit from the expertise and competence of one of Germany’s largest press picture agencies and enjoy the freedom to choose your licensor.

 A professional MAM/DAM system that is tailored to the individual requirements of the customer includes:

•    Legal security thanks to integrated license management
•    Cost savings through the reuse of acquired assets
•    Faster access times to all types of media
•    Processing and provision of assets for various types of use
•    Error reduction through comparing versions of individual media and role-based access rights
•    Improved cooperation between the individual departments
•    Reduction of costs through the outsourcing of editorial services while at the same time increasing quality and availability
•    Reduction of costs in connection with the procurement of required media
•    Increase in efficiency through workflow optimisation


55,00 EUR

9,50 EUR

The market for images is confusing not to mention complex. For example, different providers offer identical motives with identical usage possibilities, but at completely different prices! With a license and fee structure tailored entirely to the needs of your company, we take a systematic, cost-efficient approach to media procurement.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the fast-paced international media business. We are happy to provide you with in-depth assistance...