Gesellschafterwechsel bei laif

Change of partners at laif

After 34 years, the founders of laif are placing the management of the agency in new hands: Starting on 1 July 2015, Ulf Schmidt-Funke and Katharina Doerk at ddp images assume the shares previously held by the five laif partners.

„We are very happy to have found the new partners Ulf Schmidt-Funke and Katharina Doerk, who are capable of unleashing the great potential of laif in an increasingly challenging market environment to ensure that the agency is well positioned for the future so that the company’s success story can continue“ explains Manfred Linke, photographer and joint founder of laif.

„In laying this new foundation, we are preserving the continuity of our work and will be able to concentrate even more on our respective thematic focuses. laif is known for its excellent photographers and the in-depth expertise of its editorial team. In future, we will be focusing even more on these strengths to continue delivering the same outstanding quality we are known for and acquire new customer groups for our copyrighters” explains managing director Peter Bitzer, who will also continue to manage the agency in the years to come.

The Cologne photo agency laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen is among Germany’s leading companies for photojournalism, magazine and travel photography and offers first-class services for all photography needs. laif currently represents around 400 photographers and 42 collaborating international publishing syndications such as the New York Times or the publications of the Société du Figaro.

„laif is a fantastic agency; our personal collaboration and friendship have continued for almost 20 years. It will continue to be managed as a 100% stand-alone brand at its office in Cologne. Through its integration in our group of agencies, laif will have access to additional administrative and technical resources. This will provide it with the flexibility needed for a premium agency to offer its customers and copyrighters a genuine benefit based on high quality and outstanding service in the face of the increasingly popular flood of images. In taking this step, we are expanding our group’s portfolio so that we are able to offer customers new, valuable services outside of the classic publishing segment“, add Katharina Doerk and Ulf Schmidt-Funke describing the reason behind their involvement.

About ddp images:
ddp images is one of Germany’s leading independent press picture agencies with its subsidiary companies Picture Press, INTERTOPICS and Sipa USA.
From offices in Hamburg, New York and Los Angeles, an experienced team of 30 professionals guarantees perfect service to clients from all media sectors. Users with online access can search around 30 million news, entertainment and creative photos. Nearly 15,000 new images are edited every day, approximately 5,000 of which are selected for the online database.

The managing partners are Katharina Doerk and Ulf Schmidt-Funke.

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