Britta Melching is the new Head of Sales of the action press group

Hamburg, September 27, 2022
Britta Melching will take over as the newly created Head of Sales of the action press group on October 1.

As crossgroup Head of Sales, Melching will bundle the sales activities of action press international GmbH and ddp media GmbH, the two Hamburgbased subsidiaries of action press AG (Frankfurt am Main), establish a joint sales team and drive the marketing of the group’s extensive portfolio of visual content and services both strategically and operationally.

“The establishment of a crossgroup sales management team is an important step towards integrating our portfolio and improving our offering and increasing the added value for our customers,” said Vicente Poveda, managing director of ddp media GmbH, where the new position is organizationally based. “We are very pleased that with Britta Melching we could win a good connoisseur of the photo agency industry with international experience and a good reputation among customers and partners for this strategically important position.“

Melching (56) has many years of experience in the marketing of photo and video content. She was head of sales at dpa Picture Alliance in Frankfurt until December 2021 and also previously worked at Associated Press Television News in London as business development manager for Germanspeaking countries and Eastern Europe. She has also worked in the marketing departments of major publishing houses such as Axel Springer, The Economist and Frankfurt Business Media Der F.A.Z. Fachverlag.

“I am very pleased to be joining the action press group at this exciting time to drive the development of new products and increase the range of services we offer to our customers,” says Britta Melching.

action press AG (Frankfurt/Main) has been jointly managed by Prof. Moritz Hunzinger and Ulli Michel since August 2020 and, with a stock of 160 million photos and videos, is one of the largest image databases in the world. The stock corporation unites under one roof the picture agency action press, a leading brand for entertainment content, and since September 2021 also ddp, a crossdepartmental quality provider of photos, which includes the brands ddp images, Pictures Press, Intertopics and Food Centrale as well as the picture agency Stella Pictures (Stockholm).

The group’s extensive portfolio also includes content syndication of media content from international publishers such as News UK, Mondadori and Gruner und Jahr/RTL, as well as a broad catalog of services including contract production of
photos and videos, digitization of archive assets and production of computergenerated images (CGIs). New to the offering are NFTs produced for action press by respected German artist Tobias Rehberger.
Photo Britta Melching (Credit: Alexander Klotz/Orange Production)

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