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Today access to pictures is very easy but media publishers have to deal with an overabundance of similar photos of questionable quality.  And more and more often the rights are unclear. With our international photo production and the coverage of our well known contributors we ensure a very high standard of journalistic quality and a proper management of copyright and related rights issues.


Press Picture Agency Group
Content Services
Press Picture Agency Group
Content Services


ddp is one of the leading providers of visual content in Europe

In addition to ddp images, laif, Stella Pictures and the partner agency Abaca Press in Paris, our group also includes the well-know photo agency brands Picture Press, Intertopics and FoodCentrale and the PR agency Insight Publishing.

In addition to ddp images, laif, Stella Pictures and the partner agency Abaca Press in Paris, our group also includes the well-know photo agency brands Picture Press, Intertopics and FoodCentrale and the PR agency Insight Publishing.

In offices in Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm and Cologne a team of 60 experienced colleagues guarantees perfect service for customers from all media ranges.

Around 60 million images can be researched online. Every day about 30,000 new pictures are edited and the most important are selected for editorial offers.

Striving to deliver the best possible service

  • All important news, sport, royals and entertainment-events
  • Photo reportages and in-depth features
  • High-profile portrait photography
  • Premium cover, travel and creative shootings
  • First-class food content and recipes
  • Exclusive photo syndication for well known publishing houses like The New York Times, USA today, The Sun, The Times, The SUNDAY TIMES, Mondadori Photo, Gruner+Jahr, Klambt Media Group
  • Historical events and anniversaries
  • Human-interest and animal stories
  • Images from 100 years of film history
  • 7 million creative stock images
  • Event photography: Assignments and distribution services
  • Authenic journalistic photography for corporations and organizations

The group of agencies includes

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We're looking forward to suggestions and criticism.

Competent, reliable, at your service.

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The perfect PR photo service for your events. For a PR photo service, companies in Entertainment, Sports and commerce have come to the right place. The services range from creating the visual concept, planning and organizing the coverage, finding and briefing the best qualified photographer to immediately making the approved images available for PR purposes and subsequently distributing them via our own, established network to the media and into the channels of our international PR partners.

Are you planning a Gala event or an anniversary, are you organizing a symposium or a congress, are you going to hold a sports event with sponsors and media partners?
For more information, please visit

LAIFCORE || Visual Corporate Storytelling
We tell your story in powerful pictures and develop the visual imagery for your values and messages. In this process you benefit from the intuition of our photographers and from the experience of our editors, not to mention from our international photographic network.
Images that remain. Through relevance and quality.
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As a boutique agency, Insight Publishing focuses on individual and specialized consulting in the areas of public relations, advertorials, influencers, and publishing.
Special attention to the visual effect and implementation offers an extraordinary added value to the customer. With a clear focus on selected services, communication measures are supplemented and target groups are reached precisely. Projects include clients from the automotive sector as well as the fitness and health segment.
With „Shots Magazin“ at, Insight Publishing also publishes its own online lifestyle-magazine dedicated to styles, trends, and people. Originally launched as a blog, „Shots“ now reaches page impressions in the six-figure range and is updated weekly with around 30 new content units.

FASHION by ddp images
Content marketing service for brands and online media
Fashion is an expression of lifestyle and individuality. What is in, what is out? Which hairstyle is trendy and which make-up is worn by who?

Fashion by ddp images presents daily current, editorially prepared offers as well as a broad selection of themes and inspirations from the areas of beauty, star style, hair, trend, fashion weeks and looks. Behind it is a team of fashion experts under the umbrella of ddp images, with access to fashion news from all over the world.

Fashion editors in publishing houses and online editorial offices appreciate our new website as a source of ideas and an ideal research aid:

Examples of our daily editorial text and image service: FASHION ON FLEEK.

„Unfortunately I don't have a picture for you today.“ Heidi Klum

„What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.“ Karl Lagerfeld

„There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer.“ Ansel Adams

„The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavor, three concepts that describe the art of photography.“ Helmut Newton

„To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.“ Henri Cartier Bresson

„The word "photography" was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), "light"[2] and γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" or "drawing",[3] together meaning "drawing with light".[4]“ wikipedia über Fotografie

„I never read, I just look at pictures.“ Andy Warhol


Content Production – Sourcing – Editing – Curation – Distribution

These are our core competences and this is why most clients rely on us as one of their main sources for visual content. Our group of agencies is extremely well-positioned in the fields of editorial and creative images. Delivering a reliable journalistic service 365 days a year is a major challenge for marketing agencies, publishing houses or communication departments of corporations and organizations.

This is why a growing number of them are using our services to reach high-volume clients or to deliver content to all kinds of communication channels. We provide all the necessary services on a premium level: international photo production, independent sourcing, editing, media asset management, distribution and accounting services. Our goal is to help our partners to focus on their primary tasks and remain flexible.

Professional Corporate Communication
When it comes to pictures we have been among the most important partners for international publishing houses and media businesses for more than 20 years. Make use of our competence and experience, because your company is a communications business, too.

Every day, you get to work on your corporate website, press releases, advertising campaigns, product brochures, blogs, presentations and social media content. At the same time, in-house departments and external service providers must be able to access the right media and documents whenever they need them and be capable of using and publishing them via a wide range of channels without frictional losses. At the same time, they have to keep an eye on costs not to mention licensing rights.

We are not IT or software consultants – we are experts in visual content.

We know the facts about administration and publishing of media. We know the market and we know the various sources for IT Systems in this field. We recommend the best solutions for your specific needs and we help you to effectively organise and use your media assets.


360° ROYAL – der neue my-picturemaxx Place von ddp images ddp Gruppe bietet neuen Copyright-Tracking Service für Urheber Amazing Aerial Agency neu bei ddp ddp bietet Unterstützung für Kleinstunternehmen und Selbstständige Audrey Hepburn bei ddp ddp Gruppe übernimmt die schwedische Agentur Stella Pictures ddp Gruppe baut ihr exklusives Food-Angebot aus – Picture Press übernimmt Food Centrale Licensing Die ddp-Gruppe erweitert ihr Leistungsspektrum und gründet die PR Agentur Insight Publishing GmbH IMP Features jetzt wieder exklusiv bei ddp images Noch mehr Exclusives – die ddp Gruppe erweitert ihr Netzwerk ABACA und die ddp-Gruppe geben strategische Partnerschaft bekannt Holger Stevens wird CvD bei ddp images 10 Jahre Jens Koch bei Picture Press ddp images jetzt mit neuer Website – frisch zum PICTAday News UK Portfolio jetzt bei ddp images Bryan Adams jetzt bei Picture Press Luxy Images – Luxuriöse Stock Bilder jetzt bei Picture Press Pacific Coast News – Jetzt exklusiv bei INTERTOPICS KINTZING jetzt exklusiv bei der ddp Gruppe Happy Birthday Camera Press! Fofftein 2017 Fashion by ddp images – neuer Service für Bildredaktionen Picture Press mit neuem Gesicht Frank Altmann neu bei ddp images Instar Images – Exklusiv bei ddp images Picture Press mit neuer Kollektion: Stars by Wartenberg laif core – neue Business-Unit für Corporate Photography PictureGroup – exklusiv bei ddp images Interview PICTORIAL 2016 Art + Commerce jetzt exklusiv über die ddp Gruppe in Deutschland, Österreich und in der Schweiz Picture Press mit neuer Partneragentur: Lickerish Picture Press ist Syndication-Partner des Klambt-Verlags Gesellschafterwechsel bei laif Exklusiv bei INTERTOPICS: The Art of Udo Spreitzenbarth Neu bei Picture Press: Novarc Images Fofftein 2015 ddp images – 5 Jahre im Straßenbahnring Neu bei Picture Press: Andrea Cappelli Buchtipp im Oktober

Nice to meet you

Content and Cooperation Partners

You are a photographer or owner of an agency and you are looking for an international partner? You’ve found him! With us you gain direct access to the most interesting markets in Europe and the US. Our international network of partner agencies provides access to many more markets worldwide.

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You offer Media Asset Management Systems or you are a consultant specialized in this field? If you are interested in a cooperation with us please send us a short email to

Jobs & Opportunities

We keep expanding our business carefully by entering new markets and developing new products and services.
We are continually looking for talented, motivated and qualified individuals to join our team.

Please click the link to see a list of our current job offers.


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